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Our team at dr.healgood have been manufacturing CBD products using only the finest ingredients for many years.

dr.healgood specialise in producing only the best quality products using only the finest quality natural ingredients. Unlike other companies in the industry, all our products are independently lab tested to provide assurance of the CBD content to our consumers.

Our CBD products are independently lab tested and certified for;




This allows us to guarantee our product quality to our loyal customers.

Organically grown, Co2 extracted, healthy stress and immune response.

Nourish your body with a full-spectrum of cannabinoids, synergistic compounds and naturally preserved terpenes!

Enjoy the benefits of dr.healgood formulas for better wellness in a variety of our life changing products.


All our products are independently lab tested for quality, purity and percentage of CBD content to ensure that we are providing you with the best possible product every time.  A copy of the lab report for each batch is available. Get in touch and we can organise for a copy to be sent out to you via email if needed.

Unlike other companies, we can guarantee the amount of CBD in every product we produce.


dr.healgood have strict quality control measures in place on all our CBD products

The quality control of our products is also independently lab tested on every batch.

All certification is available at any time upon request.

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